Food Industry Applications

Solutions with units made up by glass-resin panels, to allow for extreme cleaning and sanification procedures with acids and detergents in order to eliminate possible bacteria charges originating from the food processes. 


The air handling units of the AZV range have been specifically designed for applications in food industry, suitable for ventilation in clean rooms, ham-slicing laboratories and ambiences dedicated to similar activities. These are rooms served by AHUs for which the following features are of the maximum importance: accessibility to all internal components, possibility to extract such components for quick substitution and the total sanification of all sections.

Base features:

  • 6 main sizes: bespoke executions according to the customer’s specifications, with modifications from the standard, in terms of both dimensions and capacities;

  • sandwich panels with thickness 53mm in self-extinguishing glass resin specific for food process applications;

  • rounded internal corners on all surfaces;

  • draining panels in each section;

  • insulation material in hot-injected polyurethane with density 42kg/m3;

These are air handling units with nominal air volumes from 1.000 m3/h to 35.000 m3/h, a limit imposed by the necessity to create single-shell units, whose surfaces are coated with a special glass-resin Gelcoat which makes them perfectly cleanable and hygienisable. Because of the need to maintain the AZV units compact in one single block, for this type of applications the available components may be grouped as follows:

Air intake and filters section: constituted by the air intake damper/s and by a first stage of G4 filters followed, on request, by a second filtrating stage class F7.

Air-handling section: constituted by a water heating coil (in copper pipes/pre-coated aluminium fins or pipes and fins in stainless steel, to withstand the frequents jets of water used in the sanification operations, for which reason the aluminium fins are not suitable and might easily damage) and a water cooling coil or direct expansion coil (in copper pipes/pre-coated aluminium fins or pipes and fins in stainless steel). 

Fan and absolute filters section: Constituted by a directly-coupled ‘plug’ fan (to avoid the micro losses of particles from the belts, typically used with the traditional centrifugal belt/pulley transmission) with special food-process epoxy coating and, upon request, a final stage of absolute HEPA filters class H13 (normally recommended for air-handling units destined to ham-slicing areas and alike).

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns
Filters section
Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns
AZV unit

All the bearing frames of filters, heat exchangers and fans, are ‘embedded’ within the glass resin-coated panels, in order to reduce to the minimum the presence of elements standing in the air flow and complicating the cleaning and sanification operations.