AHUs Selection Software

Innovative selection software, easy to use and complete, for the selection of all the air-handling units components.

Possibility to select components such as:

  • dampers and mixing boxes

  • filters from G2 to H12 (panel type, soft bags, rigid bags, rotary type);

  • heat exchangers with hot water, cold water, steam, superheated water, direct expansion (R22, R134a, R407C, R404A, R410C, R507);

  • glycol heat recovery coils;

  • cross-flow plate heat recovery units and rotary wheels;

  • several type of humidification systems;

  • centrifugal fans with forward- or backward-curved blades, airfoil profile, directly-coupled plug fan type and with high-efficiency brushless motor;

Moreover, the software allows, with the maximum speed and ease, to:

  • calculate the cost of the AHU;

  • modify the thickness of the panels and the range of the unit;

  • add the cost for the plug&play controls;

  • make a copy of the selection just made, saving it within a group of selections;