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New Heat Recovery Units

Introduction to a new line

18 April 2012 2024-06-12 Company 0 comment
TCF introduces its new ranges of plate heat recovery units.

At the same time whilst presenting the prototype at its stand at the Mostra Convegno exhibition 2012 in Milan, specificaally the model "URPX 1", TCF offers its customers, a renewed range of cross-flow plate heat recovery units, with medium, high and very high eficiency.

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns
Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

These are units which, starting from the "URE" series (55% efficiency), however renovated with a new frame with aluminium profiles and 20mm sandwich panels, move on to the "URP" range (70-75% efficiency) to end up with the top line named "URPX", with efficiencies up to 90-95% which, alongside the directly-coupled fans with brushless motor and 0-10V signal control, the available accessories and the possibility to install a complete control board, turn what is commonly perceived as a simple ceiling recuperator into a complete and customisable air-handling unit, suitable to suit most different applications in the domestic and tertiary sectors.

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