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01 September 2013 2024-07-25 Company 0 comment
The new catalogues of the CV and CVM air extractors have just been released.

The CV and CVM series of air extractors are the result of a careful technical design. The extractors have been manufactured so as to make them versatile and suitable for all applications where forced ventilation is required. The series come in several sizes ranging from 500 to 38.000 m3/h and for static available pressures up to 500 Pa. Different versions and arrangements are available for each size.

The graphic of the catalogues has been revisited and lined up with the other TCF catalogues for the standard products, and at the same time the technical data of the units have been verified and updated where necessary. You may download the new catalogues directly here or also in the Products area of the TCF website.

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CVM_catalogue_2013_FRA.pdf, 690 KB
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