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New range of air-handling units certified Eurovent

Classes T1 and TB1

01 October 2013 2024-05-25 Company 0 comment
TCF reaches the top of Eurovent certification levels with the new range of air-handling units named ZASE.

Though already certified Eurovent with the ZAE range of air-handling units, TCF wanted to move even further by aiming at reaching the highest certification levels for all the classes considered by the Eurovent Certification Program. This means the T1 level for the thermal conductivity and the TB1 level for the thermal bridge (having already confirmed the best levels in the mechanical resistance D1, casing leakage in positive and negative pressure L1/L1 and filter by-pass class F9) which are an indication of a unit which guarantees superior quality and looks to the most recent developments both in Italy and abroad, for what concerns the norms and the constructive features. The ZASE is an air-handling unit studied in all details in order to guarantee those technical and certified characteristics not to be found elsewhere in the standard national and international production of air-handlers.

The air-handling units of the ZASE series have been specifically designed to reach the highest certification levels within the Eurovent Certification program, in all possible categories, including T1 and TB1.  Nominal air volumes from 3.000 to 130.000 m3/h, suitable for the following applications:

  • Heavy-duty ambiences where a particularly performing casing is required

  • Operating theatres and hospitals

  • Executions in compliance with the recent UNI 11425 norm specifying the classes  T1 for hospital applications

  • Pharmaceutical, chemical and industrial sectors.

The advantages of the ZASE series:

  • Superior thermal insulation capacity, constant and stable on the whole surface of the panel

  • Extremely elevate structural rigidity of the units, suitable also for applications at the limits, such as industrial applications with continuous elevate differential operating pressures and use of remarkably heavy components, such as heat exchangers with pipes/fins in iron or stainless steel etc.

  • Superior sound absorbing capacity

  • Total absence of thermal bridges since all the profiles and supports in aluminium have been eliminated, homes of dangerous condensations specially in applications at the limit, such as in outdoor units, or units serving low temperature technological cycles

  • Total absence of protruding screws

  • Maximum pneumatic tightness in the most different operating conditions

  • Maximum performance levels obtained in all classes of the Eurovent Certification Program

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