Who We Are

Air handling solutions

TCF facilities are situated in Cadriano di Granarolo Emilia (Northern outskirts of Bologna). Founded in 1977, it is an enterpreneurial structure which has been able to optimise its resources to well-appreciated levels of efficiency.

The constant technical upgrading and the steady research, often carried out with University Laboratories, grants for a cutting edge final product.

The production methods have been totally revisited over the years, in order to be in line with the best European standards, thus making the TCF trademark a synonym of high professionality and specilisation in the field of air handling, heat recovery and energy management.

Our Team

The company offers its partners (final users, design offices, installing companies, factories) a competent support, adequate to their real needs, since the very first stage of the cooperation; from this point of view this turns into a know-how available in the following ways:

  • Full assistance in selecting the product most suited to the system requirements.

  • Technical and operational comparisons with other systems.

  • Study of the unit within the system with elaboration of fundamental schemes for the pipings and the electrical part, if in the request the microprocessor control and power board are present.

  • For heat recovery systems, energy analysis and evaluations of Life Cycle Cost etc.

  • Sound level tests in relation to the type of application, domestic or industrial.

  • Assistance on request during the commissioning stage and regular maintenance operations.

The offered service and the relevant level of evaluation such as technical consulence before and after the sales, enginnering, functional and executive schemes carried out with AUTOCAD programs and specific calculation software, lead to reaching a final product manufactured according to the best state-of-the-art, bespoke on the real needs of the customer and the laws in force.

The continuous technical and commercial update has brought to the realisation of a series of new products and possibilities, such as the new air-handling units of the "ZAE" and "ZASE" air handling units certified according to the highest EUROVENT standards and the industrial refrigeration units, all can be completed with control panels complete with electronic microprocessor regulation.

Our qualified technical office is always available to support the choice of the new products, as well as the existing ones, well-known for their flexibility and realibility.