Our achievements


Foundation year, when Mr. Daniele Negrini and Mr. Calogero Marcellina start their path in the field of air handling and ventilation, after the experience they have both had at the prestigious Bolognese company 'Officine Volta', leader in the production of vents and air diffusion products. The first facility covers a surface of around 3.000 m2 (production and office area) and is located in via Badini in Quarto Inferiore (Bologna).


The first air-handling units are produced, with 50mm panels thickness and self-supporting structure.


The range of air-handlers widens offering also 25mm panels units, and the number of available configurations increases.


The production is moved in the new facilities located in via XX Settembre in Cadriano di Granarolo Emilia (Bologna).


The new panel thickness of 100mm adds onto the AHUs of the AZS series, to comply with the requirements of the technicians for industrial refrigeration applications.


Widening of the production line with an additional increase of over 5.000 m2 of covered area.


Specialization in the hospital sector, food industry and pharmaceutical applications, with the ranges of AHUs type AZS and AZH, entirely in stainless steel.


New production move to the present location in via Giuseppe di Vittorio, always in Cadriano di Granarolo Emilia.


A selection software is developed, to keep the pace with the growing novelties and components in the field of air-handling, to be able to reply in 'real time' to all the different requirements of the designers.


The Quality Certification is obtained according to the standards UNI EN ISO 9001-94, as evaluated from the society Sincert-Cermet, as first step in the process of quality improvement of the company, as well as an increase in the quantities.


The national boundaries are crossed with the first supplies to foreign distributors, mainly in France and in the United Kingdom.


TCF is a pioneer in the manufacturing of plug&play AHUs complete with control and power board, complete with all the needed specific electronic and mechanical accessories.


Important supplies are made to relevant projects in Italy and abroad, such as the Alenia Aerospaziale facility in Grottaglie (South of Italy), The Russian State Library in Moscow (Russia), the Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini facilities, The Museum of the 'Scala' theatre in Milan etc. (please refer to the Reference List).


The special range of air-handling units in glass-resin panels is designed, the 'AZV' series, specifically developed for the complete sanification of the unit, targeted to applications in food processes.


TCF obtains the Eurovent certification with the new range of air-handling units named 'ZAE'.


The organisation of TCF prepares to face the export markets adequately, with a dedicated Export Manager, aiming at widening the distribution network in different European countries.


Renewal of the company coordinated image, with a new website, literature and company profile, participation to the international HVAC exhibition in Milan 'Mostra Convegno' and to other trade fairs, among which RomTherm in Bucharest (Romania).

The product list is further implemented with the cross-flow high-efficiency heat recovery units of the URP and URPX series, developed to satisfy the requirements of a market always looking for high efficiency and low consumption, officially presented during the Mostra Convegno exhibition in Milan.


TCF reachers the highest levels in all certification classes in the Eurovent Certification Program with the new ZASE range of air handlers, specially in the class of thermal transmittance T1 and thermal bridging factor TB1, thus placing itself on the top of the European air handling sector.