Our mission

Efficient environmental comfort

The customer satisfaction, reached by supplying high-quality air-handling units, carefully selected and manufactured following the specific requests of the client.

We accomplish our mission:

  • By creating personal relationships between the manufacturer and the distributor based on correctness and transparency, to face the difficulties with which the competitive world of business faces us every day.

  • By being able to listen and understand the customer’s needs, expressed or understated, in order to prevent potential problems connected to a superficial approach to the product to be supplied.

  • By designing AHUs customised on the specific request of the client, thus solving problems of installation in narrow spaces or of extremely complex executions.

  • By offering numberless personalised solutions maintaining one unique standard: quality, thanks to our experience and continuous technical research.

  • By always favouring cutting-edge technical choices thanks to the cooperation with the primary components manufactures present on the market, which at TCF’s often test their prototypes before releasing them officially to the market.

  • By offering the experience of concrete solutions executed since 1977 in the field of ventilation and air handling.