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Vertical AHU 10 meters high

Another milestone in the long TCF history

08 November 2012 2024-05-25 Company 0 comment
An amazing installation for a custom-made TCF air-handling unit.

A mandatory design choice, due to the limited space available on site, has required the development of a specific air-handling unit in vertical execution.

The resulting AHU has been installed adjacent to the shorter side of the warehouse where pharmaceutical items are stocked (the client is the well-know company 'Chiesi Farmaceutici'), so that it should occupy the smaller possible space, destined to the handling of the goods, and which should simplify the installation of the ducts.

Also the assembly on site and the installation, carried out by skilled TCF technicians, have proved to be quite challenging, due to the particular conditions at which the operators had to work. The final result is a functional AHU, perfectly balanced and optimised from the point of view of the materials and components used, with a very strong visual impact.

Another milestone in the long TCF history!

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