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TCF and Marseillle

A winning team combination

30 March 2013 2024-06-12 Company 0 comment
Prestigious reference with TCF air-handling units certified Eurovent, for the city hall palace in the centre of Marseille.

The "Palais du Pharo" is a palace on the western coast of Marseille, in a position dominating the old harbour (vieux port) allowing a scenic view of the new one, too. The palece was built under Luis Napoleon Bonaparte, who donated it to his wife Eugenia, on the grounds offered to him by the city of Marseille in 1855. The palace is today property of the city of Marseille, which made it public for people to visit.

A spectacular installation made possible by the use of high cranes, giving a particularly picturesque view on the 'vieux port' of Marseille.

After the consolidated presence in the French territory, thanks to decade-long cooperations, TCF now widens its horizons also in the South of France, specifically in Provence, with the prestigious installations of Palais du Pharo, Eurocopter etc.

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