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1000 AHUs with controls produced by TCF

The 1000th AHU is ready to be installed

03 September 2012 2024-05-25 Company 0 comment
TCF has produced over one thousand air-handling units complete with controls.

In the first part of the year TCF has reached another remarkable result, in its production history of over 35 years, that is the manufacturing of the one-thousandth AHU equipped with controls. When we say 'equipped with controls' we normally mean an air-handling unit supplied with a power and control board, ready to be operated within the system of the building it will serve, with its own microprocessor.

Necessary components in the TCF supply are all those devices meant to make the AHU a 'plug & play' product, such as dampers actuators, temperature (and humidity where necessary) sensors, 3-way valves with actuators for heat exchangers, pressure switches for filters' clogging, lights with wired switches and, where requested from the customer, frequency inverters or fans, atori, on/off isolators, emergency switches and much more, to be defined according to the specific requirements of the customer in order phase.

TCF started producing air-handling units complete with control board about a decade ago, one of the first companies in the Italian panorama of AHUs manufacturers, in a tendency which, over the years, has seen the steady growth for a request of a finished product ready to connect in the final installation, without additional mechanical-electrical interventions.

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