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The new SFP parameters

The importance of SFP value

30 July 2012 2024-04-12 Tecnologies 0 comment
More and more attention is given, in the design phase, to the 'Specific Fan Power' parameter.

The acronym SFP identifies the 'Specific Fan Power' value of the installed fan in a certain air handling unit. This is a parameter which quantifies the ratio energy-efficiency of a determined fan, and it is the measure of the electric power needed to supply one fan (or a group of fans) in relation to the air volume which they handle. It is not a fixed value, but a variable which changes according to the air volume and available pressure at which each fan operates.

The SFP value is becoming more a more a selection criteria by many design offices, with which the AHUs are chosen for a specific application, in function of the energy saving which such choice may imply. TCF offers its customers the possibility to verify in real time, during the selection of the unit, the SFP value which it generates, in relation to all the selected components, air velocity within the unit, pressure drops, allowing them to modify the unit until reaching the desidered value (for example by calculating the pressure drops of the filters as 'clean' rather than as 'average dirty' as you normally would).

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