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New Eurovent certification classes

AZEU units with better performance

25 September 2012 2024-06-12 Tecnologies 0 comment
Better performances with the AZEU series of air-handling units certified Eurovent.

Further to the new tests carried out last June at the TUV SUD laboratories in Germany, affiliated with the Eurovent committee, TCF can now offer even better performances with the air-handling units of the AZEU series.

A continuous technical improvent, a specific study on the panel-frame coupling and the analysis of the materials employed, have lead to the improvement of the certification classes, confirming now the following values:

These results will soon be visible officially also in the Eurovent website.

The improvement concenrs the thermal conductivity and the thermal bridges, passing from the values T3/TB3 to T2/TB2 which, alongside the other high values measured, bring the AZEU range to the highest levels in Europe among all the manufactures of air-handling units, together with but very few other participants.

Certified characteristicClass
Casing mechanical resistance
Casing air leakage with test pressure -400Pa
Casing air leakage with test pressure +700Pa
Filter by-pass leakage
Thermal conductivity "U"
Thermal bridging factor of standard execution

The AZEU air-handling units are manufactured, in the standard execution, with 60mm thick panels and thermal break on the frame. For more information pelase visit the page dedicated to the AZEU series.

TCF, a guarantee of reliability and quality certified by Eurovent.

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