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Dessicant Rotary Wheels

What benefits

27 September 2012 2024-04-12 Tecnologies 0 comment
Use of dessiccant rotary heat exchangers within air handling units.

For rather specific air treatments, among which those for process industries, apecially in the chemical-pharmaceutical sector, where the control of both temperature and humidity is of vital importance, but also for food processes connected to the drying of products, special 'dessiccant' rotary wheels might be used. They have the capacity of capturing the humidity present in the air flow which crosses them, regardless the air temperature, with efficiencies which remain constant also with temperatures below zero.

Generally these wheels, which are made up by Silica Gel for the most part, a specific material which proves to be very good for this purpose, operate with one quarter of the surface in the process phase (extraction of humidity) and for three quarters in the regeneration phase. TCF has the possibility to install, inside its air handling units, also dessiccant rotary wheels of this type, in order to prepare units destined to the most different applications.

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