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Negroni ham factory

Parma, Italy

02 September 2012 2024-06-12 References 0 comment
Special ventilating units manufactured on demand for the resting and pre-resting chambers for the ham production plants of the well-known Parmese producer.

Units manufactured entirely in AISI 304 stainless steel for the complete sanification and resistance to chemical agents and bacteria present in the food processes. Vertical execution in order to limit the installation space and increase the area dedicated to food conservation; removable doors are also present to access the heat exchangers.

Dimensionaments of the elements has been carried out with a dedicated software. Particular attention has been given to the fan section, equipped with view port and access door. Utmost importance also for the draining and discharge of the condensate, as well as the thermal bridges which are eliminated in design phase thanks to the use of the special structure and frame of the AZ-S/AZ-H units.

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