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23 November 2011 2024-05-25 References 0 comment
Supply of large-duty air-handling units for the manufacturing plants of the Boeing 787 carbon fibre cockpit.

The supply of air-handling units to Alenia Aerospaziale facilities in Grottaglie (South of Italy, Apulia) is surely one of the milestones of the thirty-year history of TCF, as concerns both the prestigious reference and the mechanical and structural complexity which this project has implied.

The history of this supply starts in 2003-2004 when, for the air-conditioning of the imposing production facility where the cockpits of the Boeing 787 are manufactured, 3 special air-handling units are chosen, deriving from the AZ series concept, with air volumes of 240.000 m3/h each, together with 21 units moving an air flow of 87.000 m3/h per unit. The aim is to ensure the ventilation in one of the largest clean rooms in Europe, and to do so special technical solutions have been adopted, which exile from the supply of a traditional AHU for domestic and industrial application, in order to guarantee the required performances at operating conditions absolutely out of the ordinary.

The AHUs included industrial-size fans, double or triple according to the necessity, special internal ladders to reach the upper parts of the units (we are talking about AHUs which are over six meters tall and eight meters wide), walkable grids and custom-made technical cabinets since TCF has completed its supply with the plug-and-play control of the thermo-mechanical and hydraulic sides, in order to give the client a real turnkey product. Specialised TCF technicians have visited the installation in order to coordinate and supervise the complex operation connected with the logistics, assembly of sections, hydraulic and electrical connections and final commissioning of the air-handling units.

The cooperation with Alenia Aerospaziale has continued in 2012-2013 with the additional supply of 4 air-handling units with an air volume of 185.000 m3/h each, hading the same characteritsics of the ones supplied before, for the ventilation of the new warehouse added on to the existing structure.

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