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Hospital Niguarda

Milano, Italy

27 October 2017 2024-06-12 References 0 comment
Customized humidification boxes for specific air treatment.

Niguarda hospital is undoubtedly one of the largest health centers in Italy. Over 4,100 operators work there, including 750 doctors and over 2,000 including nurses, health and rehabilitation technicians and midwives. It is home to all clinical specialties for both adult and pediatric diseases, with over 200 clinics and 70 clinical facilities, making it a regional, national and international reference.

During a recent renovation of the ventilation system, numerous TCF humidification bins have been chosen for air treatment. They include a complete 'ESCO' type under pressure steam distributor for mains steam, typical application in hospitals, with cast iron valve body, silencer and steam filter removable for maintenance, electric rotary actuator, steam distributor in AISI 304 stainless steel (so such as the internal panel of the bins), droplet separator and condensate collection tank always in AISI 304 stainless steel. The dimensions of the control units have been made to specific measures provided by the client, thanks to the typical aversatility of the air treatment units made by TCF.

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