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Dome of Megliadino

San Vitale, Padua

06 March 2012 2024-06-12 References 0 comment
A specifically-designed 30.000 m3/h air-handler for a very narrow installation space.

Inescapable space limitations in the historical Dome of Megliadino San Vitale (South-West of Padua) have required the despatch of this AZ-series air-handling unit knocked-down in assembly kits. This is a 30.000 m3/h unit, with bespoke dimensions in order to be installed in the extremely narrow space between the sacristy and the worship areas, in 3 composable sections.

Special bomas have been provided for to host the unit in a suspended-type installation. The sections have been disassembled and packed together, after being fully assembled in the factory to make sure all the components would later fit back into place.

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