Air extract units TCF CV

Air extract units from 500 to 38.000 m3/h. Aluminium frame and 25mm panels.

The CV series of air extractors is the result of careful design. The extractors have been manufactured to make them versatile and suitable for all applications where forced ventilation is required. There are nine different sizes available ranging from 500 to 38000 m3/h and for static heads up to 500 Pa.

Different versions and set-ups are available for each size. In accordance with its policy of flexibility, TCF analyses specific customer requests to offer customised extractors. Careful attention has been given to noise and vibration levels to ensure that they are as low as possible. The ventilators and motors are mounted on elastic supports. The ventilators are secured to the structure using vibrationproof couplings.

Design features

Aluminium section frame.

Twin 25 mm sheet metal panelling. The internal layer is galvanised and the outer layer plasticized and galvanised. There is a layer of heat injected expansion polyurethane between the two metal layers.

Flange for channel connection.

Twin extraction "rectangular inlet" ventilators with dynamically and statically balanced fan wheels.

Externally ventilated enclosed electric motor suitable for functioning with threephase 230/400 V current.

Manufactured according to UNEL MEC B3 format and IP 55 protection standards.

Motor - ventilator transmission using belts and pulleys. Variable step drive pulley up to 2.2 kW. The pulley is fixed beyond this power level.

Vibration-proof coupling on the fan inlet, complete with flange on the supply side.

Removable inspection cover for easy maintenance.

Protective mesh on the inspection cover in accordance with current safety standards.

Support feet, bases for the CV 56, 63 and 71.

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