Air conditioning units TCF TS low profile

Air volumes from 1.300 to 3.500 m3/h with self-adjusting fans. Aluminium frame and 25mm sandwich panels. Height 450 mm.

Possibility to install a complete control board. Programmable unit from 1.300 to 3.500 m3/h. The air-handling units of the TS “low profile” series are designed to perform all the operations normally required to an AHU, but with a height of only 450mm in order to facilitate the installation in narrow spaces, under the roofs or in niches such as the case is for vertical executions.

Design features

Aluminium frame with twin panel sheet metal structure (galvanised internally/plasticised externally) insulated with 25mm of expanded polyurethane foam.

Air intake damper, specifically designed with thicker blades height of 35mm for a better and more precise control of the air flow; possible configuration with 2-ays mixing box or total recirculation;

Filter sections on the external air inlet and on the room air suction inlet with 85% efficient maintainable pleated cells, Ashrae 52/76-EU 3-UNI 7832 FIRE CLASSIFIC DIN 53438 FI

Possibility to install F7 compact bag filters, with 98mm thickness and 80% efficiency or F9 with efficiency 90%;

Cold water heat exchanger, with 4 rows, with optimised geometry 30x12 and 2.5mm fin spacing, complete with stainless steel AISI 304 condensate drain pan with drain pipe ø ½”; it is not necessary to install a drop eliminator since the air velocity does not exceed 2,5 m/s;

Optional hot water heat exchanger, to be used as pre-heating in case of rigid temperature, or as re-heating with which, if combined with the cold water coil, realise a fine control of the room temperature and humidity in summer mode operations;

High efficiency fans type P. Lemmens model DP 9-7 TH TAC 1/1, centrifugal type with directly-coupled motors, with air volumes from 1500 m3/h up to a maximum of 3500 m3/h. An electronic system automatically adjusts the number of rpms depending on the set air flow rate. This means that the fan automatically changes its rotation speed to adjust to the system pressure losses, thus guaranteeing the pre-set flow rate. This also means that the required air flow rate is ensure at all times regardless of circuit load loss, as long as the latter is not higher than the maximum pressure value which the fan can provide (see Table 2). Therefore not even the filter clogging causes a reduction in the air flow rate and the consequent reduction in the system performance. The various air flow rates available for each fan are easily programmed using a terminal board located on the fan itself (optional).

Ideal for ceiling installations thanks to its side-by-side low profile design

Possibility to complete the unit with a control panel for a ‘plug & play’ execution, embedded in niche-type installation, complete with all the necessary electrical components and protection devices, with option for remote control with a specific ‘room unit’.

Available accessories

  • Compact bag filters class F7 to integrate the pre-filters class G4

  • Hot water heat exchanger, optimised geometry and fin spacing 2.1mm or 2.5mm

  • Electric heating battery

  • Air inlet dampers, 2-ways mixing box

  • Complete control board with microprocessor

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