Air conditioning units TCF TS

Air volumes from 700 to 4.000 m3/h. Aluminium frame and 25mm sandwich panels.

The TS series of air conditioning units is designed for internal horizontal installation. They are available with only the heating coil, only the cooling coil, or with both coils. Flow rates range from 700 to 4000 m3/h. These air conditioners are ideally suited for small industrial and retail environments thanks also to the vast range of accessories ensuring excellent application versatility.

Design features

Aluminium alloy extruded section frame fitted with die-cast aluminium couplings.

Twin panel sides (galvanised sheet metal internally / plasticized galvanised sheet metal externally) with 25 mm heat-injected expansion polyurethane sound and heat insulation, density 46 Kg/m3, overall transmission coefficient K=1.05 W/°Cm2, fire reaction class 1 according to article 8, Ministerial Decree dated 26/06/1984.

Pleated maintainable cell filters with 48 mm filtering surface area. G3 filtering efficiency according to EN 779 (EU3 according to Eurovent 4/4).

Heat exchange coils with aluminium fins, copper tubes and threaded plug collectors with air release device.

A second coil can be inserted.

Condensate collection and drain tray installed inside the panelling (therefore insulated) and made from AISI 304 stainless steel.

Twin suction centrifuge fan with forward inclined vanes, coupled directly with a three-speed single phase electric stator motor.

Side inspection covers.


  • Aluminium suction shutter with wing profile vanes, seals and movement mechanics with ABS toothed wheels, motor actuation.

  • Return plenum with calliper opening aluminium grill.

  • Mixing chamber (external air/recycled air) with two wing profile vane aluminium shutters, seals and movement mechanics with ABS toothed wheels, nonconjugated motor actuation.

  • Heating coil (in addition to or instead of the cooling coil).

  • Direct expansion cooling coil (instead of the water cooling coil).

  • Pleated maintainable cell filters with 48 mm filtering surface area. F5 filtering efficiency according to EN 779, EU5 according to Eurovent 4/4 (instead of standard G3 efficiency filters  according to EN 779, EU3 according to Eurovent 4/4).

  • Three-speed fan switch + stop.

  • Electric cabinet for remote installation (three-way valve with ON/OFF switch) complete with Winter/Summer switch, environment thermometer and three-speed fan switch + stop.

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