Air conditioning units TCF PA

Air volumes from 930 to 4.350 m3/h. Low profile units with self-supporting panels.

The PA series is available in 7 different sizes with flow rates ranging from 930 m3/h to 435 m3/h.
The units are very compact to enable installation in small spaces and false ceilings.
The units can be used for heating and cooling purposes.The basic version includes a filter, electric fan and water heat exchange coil.
The basic version is available in two versions:
Horizontal denoted by the acronym PA/O
Vertical denoted by the acronym PA/V

Design features

The units are made from sheet steel with Aluzink surface treatment and coated internally with polyethylene and polyester sheets.

The units are fitted with heat exchange coils made from copper tubes and aluminium fins, and collection devices with GAS threading. The coils are fitted with condensate collection trays made from AISI 304 stainless steel.

The basic unit is fitted with twin electric fans, three-speed centrifuges with statically and dynamically balanced fan wheels to reduce noise and vibration levels to a minimum.

The units are fitted with a terminal board complete with fan control relay.


  • GRA Take-up grill

  • SPA Suction plenum

  • MIX Mixing chamber

  • SBC Water post-heating section

  • SBE and SB2E Electric post-heating section

  • SPM Soundproof supply plenum

  • SPF Flexible hose supply plenum

  • FL Supply flange for coupling with channels

  • BMO Adjustable fin inlet

  • C3V Speed control

  • PCM Unit control panel

  • PCMR Unit control panel + electric heating section

Catalogue PA ENG
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Catalogue PA FRA
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Operation and maintenance manual ENG
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